Intervaller och provlopp – onsdag 17 maj


Lill Betty gick 6×300 meter och kändes mycket fin. Hon har mycket fart i benen och bra teknik. Nu blir det kval på måndag och då får vi svar på hur långt det är kvar till start.

Chip Line och Max Vacation gick lugna backintervaller med tryckvagn.


Sofies Star G.D. got the position behind the leader and then outside on the last lap. She got the time 1.31 and was okay. She raced without shoes in front. But the horse need more routine and we try at faster speeds next wednesday.

Enjoy G.D. was quick in the start and went to the lead. First 1000 was at 1.26 and she got the time 1.24/2000m. She felt perfect in the race and she feels like a very nice filly. Now we will train easy at home and then she will go qualifiing 5th of june in Årjäng.